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The Democratisation Of Live Streaming Technologies

by Admin | Dec 16, 2016 | Uncategorized |

It would have been very difficult to have missed the rush by all social media channels to embrace live video streaming over the last couple of years.

With the invention of Periscope, Meerkat  and Facebook Live finally joining the party,  it has never been easier to ‘go live’ without the need for any complicated or expensive equipment. Or the trained professionals to drive it. Facebook recently stated that people are three times more likely to watch a live video compared to one that is no longer live and posting any kind of video to social media grew by 75% in 2015 and continues to grow exponentially. Facebook have 8 billion video views on average a day currently!

Essentially anyone with a smart phone and a reasonable data connection can now deliver what used to take a small satellite truck in years gone by.

All this live streaming technology means one thing. Accessibility, for the first time ever, the average online user can easily broadcast their life to any given audience at the click of a button on their smartphone. The phrase ‘Anytime, anywhere,’ has never been more apt when it comes to live video.

Add to this the rise of new simple camera technologies that allow you to control and stream ‘multi-camera’ shoots from one fixed 4k camera, controlled via your phone or tablet and you can see how rapidly things are developing and where the future is heading.

As someone who has spent the last twenty years involved in live broadcast this initially terrified me, but I’ve decided to embrace this new future and plan on taking advantage of the fact that this once complicated arena has been completely technologically democratised. Well I guess If you can’t beat them…

So as a professional what does this mean to the events industry and how can we capitalise on this technology to offer added value to our clients, without further cannibalising the video industry. We first need to look at some of the new hardware available and see how this can be utilised.

Mevo is one example that now has a system for sale at less that $400, using a 4K-resolution fixed position sensor to digitally reproduce the look of a small multi-camera shoot and able to stream direct to the Livestream Network or Facebook Live. To quote them:

‘Mevo offers Pro-level production at your fingertips. Your I-phone is now your personal video editing suite – zoom, pan and cut with ease, all from a single camera, or tap the subjects in your shot and let Mevo do the work for you.’

We can also see a recent Facebook Live broadcast example here for the NBA that shows how this technology could easily service interviews in the broadcast and corporate space without the need for the multiple cameras, operators or even editing equipment.


Recent statistics have cited that by 2020, 80% of ALL internet traffic will be video, once bandwidth starts to catch up with demand. Add this to all of the new technology readily available and it makes for a very exciting time.

The key thing consumers and business’s need to understand though is how to plan an effective  live streaming strategy. Without this we will simply have millions of people ‘broadcasting’ wildly into the ether creating a dizzying new live arena with potentially no audience.

More on this in my next blog……


Written by: Ashley Pugh (Partner & Executive Producer)