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A guide to some of London’s most experiential bars

by Admin | Feb 18, 2013 | Uncategorized |

Another alcohol-fuelled venue update for you all. January abstemiousness should now be in the past – so time to get back out and explore some of London’s finest bar ‘experiences’. Key themes emerging this month include Exclusivity Hype, Retro Kitsch Entertaiment and Unexpected Surprises.

The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town | 12-16 Artillery Lane, The Breakfast Club. E1 7LS

I love Made in Chelsea. I secretly wish I was on Made in Chelsea. And I like this bar because it makes me feel a bit posh and rich. Access is through a Smeg Fridge door (brilliant) and requires a password…make me a cup of tea and I might tell you what it is.

Drink highlights include a DIY Bloody Mary with over 21 ingredients to chose from.

To ensure this bar remains a secret, you are asked to exit through the ‘My Little Pony’ themed bathrooms. Exclusivity hype at its best (you heard it from us first!).

Bounce | 121 Holborn EC1N 2TD

If like me, Table Tennis is about the limit of your sporting ability, then Bounce is the perfect place to showcase your talents. A great example of what we’re labelling Retro Kitsch Entertainment, take your client here for old skool fun and to win them over with your impressive hand-eye coordination.

Wiff Waff was never so cool…

The main room features 17 ping pong tables and seating for up to 170 people. If  you fancy something a bit more intimate, how about hiring a private room with 3 ping pong tables, a cocktail and DJ booth. Alternatively, order a cocktail and a pizza and watch everyone else sweating it out.

The Experimental Cocktail Club | 13a Gerrard Street, W1D 5PS

Similar to ‘The Mayor’, The Experimental Cocktail Club isn’t easy to find, and took several walks up and down China Town to discover. Your only clue to it’s whereabouts is a scruffy black door nestled between two restaurants, guarded by a sole doorman with a clipboard.

Access to this bar requires a bit of schmoozing and a lot of smiling – but once you’re in, you definitely feel a bit like you’ve been welcomed into the cool people’s inner circle. Don’t expect your normal Mojitos and Sex on the Beach here – it’s called ‘Experimental’ for a reason. Personal favourites included the lemon and dill concoction – sounds bizarre but, trust me, it’s delicious. Exclusive and full of unexpected surprises – top venue.

Your comments and recommendations for our next round of market immersion would be welcome…!