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Kenton Cool – extreme guide to the extremely rich

by Admin | Jan 20, 2013 | Uncategorized |

This man has the unforgettable name of Kenton Cool. But even cooler is how he earns a living…

I came across Kenton while researching my last blog post (on Ranulph Fiennes). He is the UK’s pre-eminent mountaineer, with eleven successful Everest summits – summiting twice in one week, and was Ranolph Fiennes’s guide to the summit of the Eiger via the North Face. But what I want to talk about is not his climbing prowess – but how he funds his expeditions; for Cool guides high net worth individuals to the top of the earth.

His self-invented job got me thinking about the exclusive multi-billionaires club where it is no longer enough to own a cellar full of Chateau Latour or for that matter Chateau Latour itself, nor a garage full of classic exotica or a premiership football club! The new measure of wealth is the experiences you have had, bragging rights at the destinations of the super rich now go to the people who have had the most extreme or unusual experiences.

Sitting on the deck of your super yacht talking about trekking to the South Pole makes you more interesting than buying another footballer. Cool and his like will now, for a fee, take and return you to and from any destination in the world – whether that be the summit of Everest, the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, or the source of the Amazon.

So what are the next destinations of the super rich? Well, outer space is now within reach via one of their own – Richard Branson (who some would argue started the trend in the first place). I would not be surprised to hear that people are going to the moon, inside a volcano or discovering a new tribe in the jungles of Borneo.

So the next time you feel envious of Roman Abramovich’s billions, just remember he has probably not climbed Scafell Pike, or danced at dawn in a field in Somerset. It is the experiences that count and not money in the bank.