Talking events, content and telco with Event Industry News

Sledge’s Film & Content Creator, Ben Heaysman featured on the Event Industry News podcast recently, where he and host James Dickson discussed the overarching topic of: Trends in telco and what they mean for the event industry.

During their discussion Ben and James covered:

  • How pre pandemic the event and content work Sledge did was quite separate, with event highlight reels and stings for screens the norm for in-person events, yet now the two mediums have very much merged.
  • Ways to engage both physical and virtual attendees through content by, for example, opting for short form varieties, shooting on location, and a TV-style approach.
  • Ben’s concept of the ‘thread’ and exploring ways to reuse content, so that it is woven throughout an entire campaign.
  • Sustainability, content and events.
  • The latest technology developments as they relate to the capture and creation of content.

You can listen to the full episode via Event Industry News here, or your preferred podcast app.

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