Trend spotlight: the rise of complementary events and film

Events and film were mostly separate entities before the pandemic took hold, and our Producer, Becca Shanks recalls videos predominantly being used for screen content and highlight reels.

The pandemic changed this completely, and even now as we return to in-person events, she believes this trend will continue.

With this in mind, in a recent piece for M&IT Magazine Becca shares some of her tips for getting the most out of this powerful relationship.

These include:

  • The importance of including film in an event’s strategy from the very beginning, as this will create a more seamless and cohesive experience.

  • The value of creating video content in a way complements the event’s brand identity, and some tactics to consider in order to achieve this.

  • Ways to keep video content at events varied, and build interest and excitement in the process.

  • A key strategy when it comes to sharing complex data or information in easily digestible ways.

  • How to use video content to extend the life of an event across external platforms, to generate buzz both before it begins and as it unfolds, and then keep the conversation going once it wraps up.

You can read Becca’s entire piece as it originally appeared on M&IT here.

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