The metaverse and NFTs: suitable for corporate events?

There’s been a lot of talk about the metaverse of late. In fact, analysts predict it could be a USD $800 billion industry by 2024.

Many brands have been embracing both the metaverse and NFTs in consumer settings as a result, but can these technologies be applied to corporate events too?

This is the question Sledge’s Project Director, Elaine Byrne addresses in the May issue of Conference News.

Some of the highlights from her piece are:

  • Before making the (time and financial) investment, it's important to ensure these technologies align with a brand’s goals or objectives, the timeline you're working towards to achieve them, the target audience, and overall messaging.

  • Tips for creating metaverses with meaning, and avoiding a ‘tech for tech’s sake’ approach. This can be achieved by, for example, creating virtual societies that exist in the long-term, where corporate event attendees can dip in and out as they please, and special virtual event experiences complement these environments on a regular basis.

  • Ways to use NFTs at corporate events, including as tickets which feature limited edition artworks so they become collectors items, leveraging NFTs to prevent counterfeit tickets, and using them as a personalised and sustainable attendee gifting solution.

Read more of Elaine’s piece in the latest print edition of Conference News (pages 20-21) here.

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