Audience expectations have changed: have your events?

From pandemic learnings and experiences, through to a greater awareness of sustainability and the importance of DE&I, the wants, needs and expectations of today’s consumer have evolved in recent times (and will no doubt continue to).

This led our MD, Sarah Yeats to share some of her thoughts on the topic, as well as provide some actionable advice and tips with Prestige Events Magazine.

In the opinion piece Sarah covers:

  • The importance of the pre-planning stage and value of thorough research, as it allows us to better understand what it is that the modern audience seeks when attending events.

  • How the pandemic led to the democratisation of events as once exclusive, in-person experiences shifted online and were made available to much larger numbers of people. There were many benefits associated with this – namely greater reach – so she shares some ways the industry can continue on this route.

  • The importance of educating clients about matters such as sustainability and DE&I, so that they address them in meaningful as opposed to 'tick box' ways.

Read more of Sarah’s thoughts on this matter via Prestige Events Magazine here.

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