Looking to work with conscious brands? Five considerations

Here at Sledge we’ve developed long lasting working relationships with conscious brands and organisations over the years.

This type of work drives us and inspires us to do better, and we also recognise that producing work with a higher purpose has never been so important today.

Leaning on her individual experiences of working with these clients, as well as those of our wider agency, Sledge’s MD, Sarah Yeats shared some of her tips for event professionals looking to develop similar partnerships with M&IT Magazine.

These include:

  • How acting on what you say from a CSR perspective is key.
  • The importance of developing a vision, as well as a complementary roadmap that outlines how you’ll get there, and the benefits of this approach.
  • The value of developing meaningful messaging, and a transparent communications strategy which speaks to your vision and roadmap.
  • The need to adopt a consultative and collaborative approach, and remember that even though they might be CSR-led, these organisations are not the event pros - we are.
  • Why taking the time to educate employees is a must, and considerations when it comes to recruiting talent with a passion for producing work that does good in the world.

You can read Sarah’s piece in full via M&IT Magazine here.

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