Why meaningful story content is king right now

Storytelling represents a powerful way to engage and connect with audiences. It has the ability to highlight the 'why' behind a brand's products or services in such a way that they become meaningful, relevant, and resonate where – and with who – it matters most.

Crafting stories in this way is an art form though, particularly today, as consumers' attention spans continue to decline.

With this in mind Sledge's Film & Content Creator, Ben Heaysman recently discussed the current state of storytelling in the context of films and content, and explored the role technology plays in all of this with MediaCat Magazine, as part of their month-long Storyteller Series.

In the interview Ben discusses:

  • The types of stories that resonate with today's audiences
  • How he sees the world of film and content has changed in recent years
  • The role that emerging media formats and platforms have to play in this changing landscape

You can read Ben's full interview here.

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