Proudly Employee Owned

Introducing… Sledge’s new values

We've been evolving our agency since we became an employee owned business (EOB) in November 2022, so that we live and breathe the key tenets of this model.

Namely, it is to empower our people, ensure they have a voice, and that they have the tools and resources they need to openly contribute to their own career progression and the future of Sledge, to the benefit of themselves, our wider Group (of which global healthcare event and communications agency, SWM Partners is also a part), our clients and our partners.

As part of this, we have been working with Zoe Tuffs and the team at Times Ten Coaching to establish a new set of values, which are designed to complement our core DNA of people, planet and entrusted growth.

So, we’re now proud to reveal the four values that summarise the unique fabric of the Sledge agency!

Calmly Confident:

Approaching the big asks with a can do attitude. We understand that the journey to brilliance is rarely linear but we trust that, together, we always get there.

Example: "Sledge has compassion and a calming ‘don't worry, we got you’ attitude when unexpected challenges arise. To be clear...this is a RARE combination of attributes." Nancy Hunt, Co-Founder & President, We Are Family Foundation

Courageously Curious:

A restless pursuit to be better than before. We always ask the ‘why?’, and keep challenging the status quo. Being decisive to make things happen and effect positive change.

Example: "It is the fourth year I’ve worked with you all and every year I am so grateful that you take us under your wing and make us part of the team." - Executive Director, Leading Global Bank

Champion Differences:

We know a shared perspective is better than one. We partner with talented minds, celebrating our differences. Which gives us the edge. To discover new possibilities, unique to us.

Example: We champion flexible working, and our flat level structure means all team members are involved in projects, and our operations.

A Mighty Force:

We snub the idea that more people equals more success. We bring the right people together with the correct skills and attitude; entrusted with freedom to deliver on the big picture.

Example: We have less than 40 employees, yet seamlessly deliver large-scale projects on a global scale.

Keep an eye out for further updates around how we’re integrating both the EOT and our new values into the Sledge business.


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