Proudly Employee Owned

How employee ownership has enhanced our agency

When it comes to who they work for, and the nature of the work they do, employees' expectations have changed.

Not only do they seek better flexibility, a company’s culture and commitment to CSR are firmly at the forefront.

As a business we recognised this, which prompted our shift to an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) model, and we are now a proudly employee owned business.

Sledge MD, Sarah Yeats is passionate about this topic, and recently shared some of her tips for other event companies seeking to enhance their cultures, live and breathe their sustainability vision, and attract and retain the industry’s best and brightest talent, while reflecting on our journey as a business to date.

In the piece Sarah:

  • Discusses the inspiration behind the move
  • Shares top tips for those considering becoming employee owned
  • Outlines how Sledge is integrating the EOT throughout the agency
  • Delves into some of the benefits of the model

You can read the piece in full via M&IT Magazine here.

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