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Creating event content strategies: top tips

Films can add immense value to events, by generating buzz and excitement beforehand, amplifying the experience, and continuing the conversation once it ends.

Importantly, they can also exist as standalone campaigns or pieces, which span platforms such as social media, external websites and internal portals, email marketing and public relations.

Our Film & Content Creator, Ben Heasyman recently discussed the versatility of film with Prestige Events Magazine, and delved into the process our film producers adopt here at Sledge, across event projects of all types.

Some key points Ben covers include:

  • The value of having event and film specialists analyse briefs as a collective.
  • Why developing a core creative thread that is woven throughout all platforms is key.
  • The importance of selecting film techniques and kit that support elements including the creative and core message/s.

You can read the entire piece via Prestige Events Magazine here.

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