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A shift away from boozy outings: tips for employee event success

Pre-pandemic, drinks and ‘bonding’ often equated to success at both end of year celebrations and internal conferences.

However, we also know that the pandemic has changed the world of work for good. Employees not only seek a better balance, a company’s values, in terms of its people, the planet, DE&I and more, can influence where and how they choose to work.

For Sarah Yeats, MD at Sledge, this also means the way employers’ plan and host events for team members must change.

She delved into this further with Conference News recently, and covered:

  • This aforementioned changing world of work.
  • The need for employers to take an employee 'deep dive' to ensure their events resonate.
  • How event agencies can add value within this mix.
  • Tips for creating more meaningful internal experiences.

Head to the Conference News website here to read Sarah’s piece in full.

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