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Navigating event budgets amid the rising cost of living

There’s no denying that rising inflation levels have been a key theme covered by news outlets on a global scale this year.

It’s impacted us all in various ways, and the event industry is indeed not immune.

Leaning on her firsthand experiences of planning, managing and delivering experiences throughout the globe in 2023, Sledge MD, Sarah Yeats shared a piece in the latest print issue of Conference & Meetings World (CMW), which:

  • Analyses the current state of play, in terms of inflation levels, and client expectations.
  • Explores how these challenges are being addressed in different parts of the world.
  • These include the importance of agencies being bold in the UK, the unique mindset and approach in China, a look at the US’s unionised approach, and the seasonality factor in mainland Europe.
  • Discusses how clients’ increased cautiousness is prompting them to think more strategically than ever before, which can be perceived as a silver lining of sorts. 

You can read Sarah’s piece in its entirety here, as well as on pages 18-19 of the November/December 2023 print issue here.

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