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What does an immersive experience look like in 2024?

Immersive events: the term isn’t exactly new, however the way in which we strategise, design and plan experiences of this nature must change.

Essentially, we need to dial it up a notch. That’s the belief of Sledge MD, Sarah Yeats, who recently delved into this concept with C&IT.

Here Sarah:

  • Discussed changing attendee expectations and behaviours, in terms of how and when they attend events, and the importance of leveraging data to shape an event, and create more personalised experiences.
  • Outlined the link between personalisation and immersion, and why fusing the two is key to success in 2024 and beyond.
  • Shared a plethora of ways that we can create simultaneous hyper-personalised and hyper-immersive experiences that cater to all senses, different event formats, and those with accessibility requirements.

You can read the entire piece via C&IT here.

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