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Three APAC event trends, and what they mean for us all

The APAC region is a bustling and vibrant one, notably known for its rapid adoption of technology, premium experiences, and fast-growing private wealth segment.

That’s according to our Operations Director, Laura Chalcraft, who has both lived in Hong Kong, and produced events throughout APAC.

She maintains a watchful eye on what’s happening there, and shared some of her top trends with C&IT recently, which are namely:

  • The increased regulation of technology.

  • A shift away from influencer partnerships for the sake of them – an influencer’s values must now be closely aligned to a brand’s, says Laura, and that’s a reflection of changing consumer expectations.

  • The ongoing rise of the luxury market, and how this is transforming events and other sectors. Laura notes how HSBC, for example, launched its HSBC Premier Elite offering in Hong Kong late last year, to reflect its growing affluent customer base there.

Laura delves into how these trends are relevant on a global scale, too, and you can read more of her insights on this topic via C&IT here.


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