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Exploring the role of AI in film and content

While artificial intelligence (AI) was a big buzz word in 2023, this year, we’re all about application, and Sledge’s film and content team have been embracing it in various ways to enhance their output, and engage corporate audiences in meaningful ways.

Leaning on these experiences, our Film & Content Creator, Ben Heaysman shared some of the ways AI can be utilised, and the rewards those who embrace it can expect to reap, with Communicate Magazine.

These include:

  • Some of the specific benefits AI can bring to the pre-production, production and post-production stages.

  • AI's relevance across all types of corporate content, from films and intranets, to email communications.

  • How the technology enables us to create more personalised content and experiences, save precious time, increase productivity, and more.

  • The importance of looking to AI, yet also maintaining a human element, as this ensures maximum resonance and relevance.

You can read Ben’s full piece over on the Communicate Magazine website here.


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