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Introducing our new, dedicated film website

Did you know that, according to Wyzowl 91% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and that a third of marketers don’t use video, because they don’t have enough time?

Here at Sledge we recognise the value of video and content marketing overall, which is why our film expertise is just as important as our event services offering.

We also understand that for many organisations, they want to develop and execute robust content strategies that either complement their events, or exist independently of them, yet they don’t have the internal expertise or resources to achieve their objectives.

Given the increased demand for such services, our film department has experienced insurmountable growth of late, and this has prompted the launch of a new Sledge website that is dedicated to all things film.

Head on over there to:

  • Learn about our unique approach
  • See who we partner with
  • Watch our case studies
  • Take a deep dive into our services
  • Get in touch with our talented film and content pros

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