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A sustainability implementation and action update

For us here at Sledge, sustainability isn’t a tick box exercise or badge of honour that we lean on in order to secure new business, or grow our own operations from a profit perspective.

Rather, it’s about an ongoing commitment to ensuring all that we do is purpose driven, so that we are able to contribute to something that is much bigger than ourselves, empower our people, and educate our clients, partners and wider industry as we continue on this journey.

As such, below is a snapshot of the actions we’ve been taking from a sustainability perspective in recent months.

Evolving our business model

As a team we have implemented a new business model, which is centred around triple bottom line thinking and doing.

This means sustainability isn’t a standalone project that we work on, it’s about seeing, thinking and doing in a different way, and embedding it into all aspects of our model and culture.

Embracing a purpose and stakeholder-driven approach

Sledge’s sustainability commitment looks beyond the level of simply assessing our own risks and operations, and is about looking beyond a ‘business as usual’ mentality.

We recognise we’re acting on something bigger than our products and services. Rather, sustainability forms part of our core DNA, and as such, we are purpose driven and, being employee owned, stakeholder driven, rather than simply focused on profit.

Building out our sustainability tool kit

Following multiple workshops and sessions, which involved input from our entire team, we have developed and now employ a Sustainability Management System, which acts as an operational tool kit across our teams, processes, and policies.

Our teams use a dedicated tool that measures the impact of all our events, from ideation to delivery, so that we can clearly see how and where we can make more of a difference throughout an event’s life cycle, and across every touch point.

A commitment to ongoing action

We continue to host numerous workshops as a collective, which ensure we’re working as a mighty force at all times, and are embedding best practice and BOSS (Best Overall Sustainable Solution) Thinking throughout all that we do.

This is evident in the recognition we’ve received for work of this nature, from both an internal and external perspective, where our team has been recognised across 11 sustainability related awards categories between 2021 and 2024 alone.

We’re of the view that this is an evolving process, and as we continue to progress on our journey, learn, and measure and report as a team, we will share further updates, challenges, and learnings with our clients, partners and wider industry.

Our vision and objectives

You can learn more about Sledge’s overarching sustainability goals via a dedicated website page here.


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