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Sledge MD, Sarah Yeats’ event predictions for the remainder of 2024

Whether they are industry or location specific, or of a global nature, there’s no denying that the first half of this year hasn't been without its fair share of challenges.

However, identifying – even predicting – these is essential if we’re to develop strategic and creative ways to overcome them, and continue to achieve our goals.

It’s why here at Sledge we remind ourselves that we’re the event experts. It’s our role to step up and develop such solutions, and MD, Sarah Yeats explores this notion in the latest issue of M&IT Magazine.

In the piece Sarah:

  • Shares three key challenges that are being faced by the event industry
  • Outlines some of the factors contributing to them
  • Highlights the need for us all to evolve as the world around us does
  • Delves into ways we can all overcome such challenges

You can read the full piece via the M&IT Magazine website here.


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