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Sledge’s project lead time forecast for the summer ahead

Reduced budgets, and in turn, fluctuating project timelines have become the norm in recent years, so can we expect the same to continue as we approach the warmer months?

In positive news, with the UK emerging from recession recently, the future could be looking a little brighter, however the uncertainties currently being felt by those across all sectors won’t disappear overnight.

Sledge Operations Director, Laura Chalcraft delved into the topic of summer lead times with C&IT recently, and shared:

  • Some of the factors contributing to reduced lead times
  • The role event professionals play in pro-actively planning for what may come, so as to support and add value to clients
  • The power of fostering purposeful partnerships within this mix
  • Why longer lead times are beneficial, not just in terms of project success, but from an environmental and social standpoint, too

You can read the entire piece via the C&IT website here.


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