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Our top tech tools for producing impactful content

Video content is a powerful medium, both in the context of events from an engagement and amplification perspective, and as standalone pieces for platforms such as social media and websites.

With the marketplace more crowded than ever, however – Wyzowl, for example, has revealed video is now used by 90% of businesses – creating premium content at speed is a key way to stand out from the pack, and capture audiences’ attention.

Our Head of Film & Content, Ben Heaysman, as well as wider team therefore look to a range of cutting-edge technologies to achieve this, and Ben recently delved into some of them with MediaCat Magazine, by:

  • Discussing the current state of film and content.
  • Sharing the tools he recommends for use during the capture, edit, and store and deliver phases of content production.
  • Outlining the content types these technologies can be used across.
  • Highlighting the importance of an audience-first approach.

You can read Ben’s full piece via the MediaCat Magazine website here.


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