Nature Day at COP26

Production Management | Creative Direction | Content Creation | Stage Management | Session For 800 VIPs | Live Streamed via | Musical Performances | Celebrity Hosts and Speakers

To curate an in-person plenary session for the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) around FACT Dialogue, which was to take place as part of Nature Day at COP26.

The session needed to entertain, engage and educate, as it was here that BEIS would reveal a signed roadmap detailing actions the 30 countries it had secured to support FACT Dialogue would take after COP26, while raising further awareness of this important initiative.

  • Worked in collaboration with the COP26 production team to manage a two-and-a-half hour plenary session for an in-person audience of 800 VIPs.
  • Co-hosted by Rt Hon Theresa May and Pamela Cook-Hamilton, the session included a presentation from singer Ellie Goulding, and was live streamed via the UNFCCC website and onto
  • Leveraged highlights from the What is FACT? live broadcast to creatively design and manage bespoke screen content.
  • Content included an animated presentation, ad breaks featuring narrations from celebrity friends of BEIS, and opening and closing videos.
  • Produced and managed a live music performance by singer Beatie Wolfe, as well as upbeat walk on music to keep the audience engaged.
  • Handled stage management including VIP celebrity movements, ensuring the session ran as smoothly as possible.
  • The Nature Day session received immense traction, and was covered by media outlets including The BBC, CNN, The Evening Standard, The Guardian and The Washington Post, among many others.

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