TOKEN2049 - London

In-Person Event | 1,000+ Attendees from 50+ Countries | Full Show Production & Management | Branding | Creative | Content Management | Film Production | COVID-19 Health & Safety | 200+ Speakers and Journalists

Design, produce and manage a two-day, in-person unconference style event for the crypto community, which would bring together the sector’s pioneers, influencers, early believers, and opinion leaders for a varied range of sessions, meet ups and workshops, and facilitate meaningful networking.

  • Evolved the event’s format and capacity in line with changing COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Developed a robust COVID-19 health and safety plan for all in-person attendees.
  • Managed all show rehearsals, technical run-throughs and on-site crew.
  • Produced and managed all TED Talk style keynotes, panels, discussions and soapbox sessions across two stages.
  • Designed and built staging, which featured custom backdrops, LED walls and lighting.
  • Handled the planning, logistics, installation, and operation of all technical equipment.
  • Created an immersive 39-booth exhibition space, handled artwork production, exhibitor bookings and onsite management.
  • Designed two custom booths within the space.
    Developed roaming entertainment solutions, including interactive mirror men artists, LED drummers and llamacorns, the conference’s spirit animal.
  • Produced branded content including opening videos, video stings and transitions.
  • Managed media assets such as presentations and show files.
  • Designed, produced and installed all TOKEN2049 and sponsor branding.
  • Managed a VIP Lounge, which featured a livestream of the main stage content.
  • Handled the registration process, catering, and welcome drinks.
  • Organised a speaker and sponsors dinner at an exclusive venue, complete with entertainment.

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