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Sledge joins sustainability action network, isla

Partnering with our clients to design and deliver more sustainable events is a core value and ongoing goal for Sledge.

We recognise that it’s our role as the experts to provide strategic advice, recommendations and counsel in this area, which is why we’ve made the important decision to become a member of isla.

This action driven network is doing invaluable work in driving the event industry’s response to the climate crisis, by focusing on three core areas: zero waste, 100% renewable, and carbon emission reductions.

Commenting on the membership, Sledge MD, Sarah Yeats says: "Delivering great work for our clients that does good in the world is woven throughout the fabric of our agency. We strive to provide them with ongoing strategic counsel and advice, so that we can collectively reduce the carbon footprint of their events and our sector as a whole.

"By joining isla, we now have access to an even greater array of reporting tools and resources to achieve all of this, and more."

You can learn more about becoming a member – something we encourage, as we’re all in this together – here.

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