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Discussing our sustainability journey with micebook

​​Sustainability isn't a 'tick box' exercise or badge of honour for us, it's one we are weaving throughout every aspect of our business on an ongoing basis, and each and every one of our team members are involved in this process.

The team at micebook see our commitment, and so they recently sat down with Sledge MD, Sarah Yeats to discuss the agency’s journey.

Sarah spoke with micebook about:

  • How partnering with BEIS around COP26 (and more recently, COP27) inspired our sustainability strategy.
  • The steps we’ve taken to reduce our impact so far, such as signing the Net Zero Carbon Events pledge, joining – as well as engaging in training – with isla, and re-working our systems and processes.
  • Some of the ways we address sustainability with clients, including how it’s now treated as a standard part of our account and project management, just like creativity is (and the value of a creative approach here).

You can read more of Sarah’s thoughts on the topic via micebook here.


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